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from the clothes make the man dept.

I was getting ready to leave New York tonight and I saw the worst example of what not to put on your body. A guy is standing outside Penn Station wearing a Borat shirt that says “Let’s Make Sexy Time.” 

This is the reason that you DON’T buy novelty t-shirts. Sure, they might seem cool for a few minutes, but then a week later they are stupid. Then two years later you are a complete jackass for wearing it. I’m not hearing the magnitude of “ISSS NICE!” that I once did, and I’m pretty sure that guy isn’t either.

Be aware of what is going on around you so others don’t make fun and I won’t write about it. You don’t want to be that guy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a “You Looked Better on Myspace” shirt that needs to be burned.


Christain Guitar Hero…..

But check out the track listing, it doesn’t feature To Hell With The Devil by Stryper!  I want my money back!


from the going for the gold dept.

Angel Matos. You should already know who he is by now, but if not, I’ll give you a quick update. He’s a Cuban Taekwondo fighter who was competing in the Olympics last night, a Bronze Medal final match against Kazakhstan’s Arman Chilmanov. Matos broke his toe and took the 1:00 time-out, awaiting medical attention. At the end of the time, the referee disqualified him and awarded the match, and the medal, to Chilmanov. Matos didn’t appreciate that, so what does he do? This:

He kicked the ref right in the chin! He was immediately escorted out of the building and the World Taekwondo Federation recommend he be banned for life from sanctioned fights, as well as his coach. The coach talked to the media afterwards and accused the official of taking money to favor the match for Kazakhstan.

It’s bad sportsmanship and all, but I think Matos is a hero. It’s about time someone took a stand, or in this case a foot to the face, against poor officiating in sports. If I had a dollar for every bad call I’ve seen in a game, I’d be wiping with hundreds. This is a serious wake-up call for anyone who might be fixing a game, match, contest, whatever. That 300 lb. linebacker, the 2nd baseman with a bat in his hand, the hockey player with his stick, Bobby Fischer with a rook hidden in his palm: they could snap and kill you if you are wrong. Maybe it’s time to get that annual eye exam chief!


Summer Slam Pre-Wrap-Up Wrap-Up


Between the K-ROCK girl Gala and the search for the Ultimate K-ROCK Anthem my heart won’t stop racing… maybe I should probably stop drinking these ****ing energy drinks, but they are so delicious.

The belt has changed over 8 times since Rage knocked off the powerhouse we call… Metallica.

Nirvana is the current holder of the belt with Smells like teen Spirit and seems like they came in the right place at the right time. They took away the belt from Pink FloydAnother Brick in the Wall (thank god, rock me sexy Jesus), and successfully defended the title against Van HalenRunning with the Devil… If Dave did it acappella I think he might have had it on wrap.

In total there are 3 Songs left that could possibly win:

NirvanaSmells like Teen Spirit (Currently holding the belt)
QueenWe will rock you/We are the champions (2pm match)
AC/DCHighway to Hell (5pm and final match)

It’s a triple threat match, can Nirvana hold on to the belt and take down Queen and AC/DC… will Queen “ROCK” Nirvana and sing we are the champions as they beat AC/DC… or is AC/DC going to take the highway to hell as they steal the belt in the final match.


The likelihood of that being right… with my luck… Slim to none.

Let’s go Met’s!

All I know is that someone is going to win another TV… and it’s not me… *&@$

Congrates (yes I spelled it wrong on purpose) to the K-ROCK girls, the person that wins the TV, and whichever song/band is on top at the end of this tournament. You all worked extremely hard to get to this point in your life, and you deserve the recognition!!!

Check out the K-ROCK girls right here.

Word to your mom… Pound that *ish (explosion)… the 5 o’clock shadow was dope…



Rock N’ Roll TV

I just read about the following new show.  It could be amazing, or it could be terrible, I’m not sure.  However if it is awlful, I still have high hopes for Dee Snider’s “A Twisted Christmas” coming to Broadway this December…………

Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW) and Dee Snider (TWISTED SISTER) are among the musicians who make guest appearances on “Z Rock”, the new original series coming to IFC uncensored, uncut and commercial-free on Sunday, August 24 for ten hilarious episodes.

This semi-scripted comedy series follows a group of musicians leading a double life: by night they’re a hard-partying rock band, by day a Wiggles-style kids’ birthday band. “Z Rock” is loosely based on the real lives of its three New York-based stars, brothers Paulie Z and David Z, and friend Joey Cassata who form an actual band, Z02.

The series explores the dark underbelly of the rock ‘n’ roll dream, giving its audience a back stage pass to the band’s struggles to become rock royalty, which is often interrupted by pangs of reality — hangovers, grooming techniques, kids’ birthday parties, and avoiding scorned female fans and their angry husbands. Like the true rock gods they aspire to become, the band snags plenty of insatiable groupies and moms gone wild along the way, with hilarious and sometimes cringe-worthy results.

“This show is so hip — and that’s the first time in 40 years I’ve said the word hip not followed by replacement,” said Joan Rivers. “I’m thrilled to have a recurring role on ‘Z Rock’. This is the first time in 20 years three single guys want to see me every week. These are the cutest boys in the music industry, so long as you don’t look in Michael Jackson‘s bedroom.”


three 90s megagroups rock nyc again

Everclear, Soul Asylum, and Cracker
August 20, 2008 Webster Hall NYC

When I got an email that these bands were all playing the same bill, I just HAD to go see them. I mean, three staple bands of 90s alternative rock all in one night! Of course it’s been a while since the 90s, but hey, good music defies time and space right?

First up was Cracker, whose fan base seemed to be comprised of bankers, accountants, and other professionals. They’ve all gotten good jobs since the 90s and were dressed more for an office party then a rock show. Hell, even the lead singer was looking like a PolySci professor. BUT that aside, they were tight and polished. And even if you didn’t know a single song they played (no “Eurotrash Girl ” was to be heard) they ended with the track that has the staying power to still be heard on KRock today, “Low.” To be blunt, it kicked ass live.

Note: Sadly, they did not play my fave “Get Off This” which to this day is still one my favorite videos (I can’t believe someone youtubed the premiere on 120 mins, I remember watching it!)

Next up was Soul Asylum…

First off, Dave Pirner, was in rare form this night, and even did a stand-up routine (oh yes, old-fashioned jokes one after another.) For some reason I thought I would be bored for their set, but I was way off. They were actually great! They clearly knew that most of us had a copy of Grave Dancer’s Union back in ’92, so they played “Without A Trace,” “Black Gold,” “Somebody to Shove,” and hell even “Runaway Train,” which surpisingly didn’t sound tired! They also did “Misery” which was nice to hear again.

Note: Sadly, they didn’t play my fave “Can’t Even Tell” off of the Clerks soundtrack, as featured in the official film of NJ, Clerks (such a classic video!)

And then came the headliner, Everclear

The last time I saw Everclear was in 1996 at the Roseland. I have fond memories of the show, but it had been 12 years for chrissakes! Could they possibly still be into it, and could they possibly drag me back into it. Yes… and yes!!! My favorite Everclear song is “You Make Me Feel Like A Whore,” and they opened with it, so they pretty much “had me at hello.” 😉

They also did “Heroin Girl,” “Strawberry,” and “Santa Monica,” off of the CD we all had in 1995, Sparkle and Fade. Other songs included “Everything to Everyone,” “Father of Mine,” “Wonderful,” and “AM Radio.

They even did a Rolling Stones cover (pictured below gathered around the mic)

It absolutely warmed my heart to watch Everclear out there giving 100% after all these years. And let me tell ya, for all those that mocked me for going… the place was packed!!! You just couldn’t feel bad after watching their performance (hell, I missed my bus cause I just couldn’t bring myself to leave early.)

As another birthday sneaks up on me, it was fantastic to see that rockers from our own generation can still defy aging. The bands had so much energy, gratitude for their fans, and were visibly thrilled to still be out there playing! Thanks to all of them for taking the time out to remind us of the good old days, and give us something to take with us tomorrow as well.


“…Yeah I dream of the day
When I learn how to make you pay
Someday I’ll teach you to beg
Someday, someday…”
You Make Me Feel Like A Whore

FYI: Jersey folks, Friday September 5th Everclear & Cracker are playing the Union Country Music Fest in Cranford, NJ for FREE!


Suck it Cleveland!!!, Hall of Fame coming here!

Cleveland?… known to some  as “the mistake by the lake” currently home to the Rock and Roll hall of fame and museum. Why Cleveland many have wondered? what’s “rock and Roll” about Cleveland? Certainly NEW YORK is a billion times more “Rock and Roll” right?. Well Cleveland was the stomping ground of legendary DJ Alan Freed who is widely credited as inventing the phrase “Rock and Roll”. He got such props that his ashes are not in a cemetery, they are on display in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and museum in Cleveland. I took a pilgrimage to the mistake by the lake with a girlfriend for  weekend a few years ago (her Valentines day gift to me) and I have to say it’s one of the most amazing things you’ll ever experience. Exhibits that go from the amazing, to awe inspiring, to just plain weird. Lennon’s round specs, the ZZ top “legs” car, Paul Simonon’s Bass that he destroyed on the cover of the Clash’s “London Calling” album, Prince’s purple trench coat from the “Purple Rain” days, Guitars, guitars, guitars! Kim Gordon of Sonic youth’s bass!, Kirk Hammet’s  axes, when i was there there was a U2 exhibition and retrospective which included everything from hand written lyrics to “with or without you”, to rejection letters from several different record labels with comments like ” we wish you well but don’t think your sound will ever catch on” It truly is an amazing temple of sacred ruins for a rock fan. Cleveland though?,……..just not convenient to get to.

The good news is coming this November the rock and roll hall of fame and museum is opening an annex (a smaller New York version basically) in Soho!. 76 Mercer street will be the new home to the 25,000 square foot New York chapter of the Rock and Roll hall of fame and museum. mayor Bloomberg made the announcement the other day at a press conference with Billy Joel on hand among others. What will be on display there? well at the press conference, some of the artifacts that will be in the museum were on display with Bloomberg.  On either side were guitars owned by Johnny Ramone, and Eric Clapton,  behind them was a phone booth from CBGB, and a few feet away stood Bruce Springsteen’s first car, a banana-yellow 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible.THAT is a pimp mobile!.

Mayor Bloomberg  and directors of the Hall of fame spoke about and  celebrated New York’s contributions to rock history, reminiscing about concerts in historic clubs and theaters, many of them — like CBGB, the Bottom Line and Max’s Kansas City no longer exist. 

Anyway the plan is for the museum to open in November,……………..So much for the mistake by the lake, this is New York F%$#*&G CITY!!!!!. That is all, END Transmission!