Summer Slam Pre-Wrap-Up Wrap-Up


Between the K-ROCK girl Gala and the search for the Ultimate K-ROCK Anthem my heart won’t stop racing… maybe I should probably stop drinking these ****ing energy drinks, but they are so delicious.

The belt has changed over 8 times since Rage knocked off the powerhouse we call… Metallica.

Nirvana is the current holder of the belt with Smells like teen Spirit and seems like they came in the right place at the right time. They took away the belt from Pink FloydAnother Brick in the Wall (thank god, rock me sexy Jesus), and successfully defended the title against Van HalenRunning with the Devil… If Dave did it acappella I think he might have had it on wrap.

In total there are 3 Songs left that could possibly win:

NirvanaSmells like Teen Spirit (Currently holding the belt)
QueenWe will rock you/We are the champions (2pm match)
AC/DCHighway to Hell (5pm and final match)

It’s a triple threat match, can Nirvana hold on to the belt and take down Queen and AC/DC… will Queen “ROCK” Nirvana and sing we are the champions as they beat AC/DC… or is AC/DC going to take the highway to hell as they steal the belt in the final match.


The likelihood of that being right… with my luck… Slim to none.

Let’s go Met’s!

All I know is that someone is going to win another TV… and it’s not me… *&@$

Congrates (yes I spelled it wrong on purpose) to the K-ROCK girls, the person that wins the TV, and whichever song/band is on top at the end of this tournament. You all worked extremely hard to get to this point in your life, and you deserve the recognition!!!

Check out the K-ROCK girls right here.

Word to your mom… Pound that *ish (explosion)… the 5 o’clock shadow was dope…



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