Suck it Cleveland!!!, Hall of Fame coming here!

Cleveland?… known to some  as “the mistake by the lake” currently home to the Rock and Roll hall of fame and museum. Why Cleveland many have wondered? what’s “rock and Roll” about Cleveland? Certainly NEW YORK is a billion times more “Rock and Roll” right?. Well Cleveland was the stomping ground of legendary DJ Alan Freed who is widely credited as inventing the phrase “Rock and Roll”. He got such props that his ashes are not in a cemetery, they are on display in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and museum in Cleveland. I took a pilgrimage to the mistake by the lake with a girlfriend for  weekend a few years ago (her Valentines day gift to me) and I have to say it’s one of the most amazing things you’ll ever experience. Exhibits that go from the amazing, to awe inspiring, to just plain weird. Lennon’s round specs, the ZZ top “legs” car, Paul Simonon’s Bass that he destroyed on the cover of the Clash’s “London Calling” album, Prince’s purple trench coat from the “Purple Rain” days, Guitars, guitars, guitars! Kim Gordon of Sonic youth’s bass!, Kirk Hammet’s  axes, when i was there there was a U2 exhibition and retrospective which included everything from hand written lyrics to “with or without you”, to rejection letters from several different record labels with comments like ” we wish you well but don’t think your sound will ever catch on”..lol. It truly is an amazing temple of sacred ruins for a rock fan. Cleveland though?,……..just not convenient to get to.

The good news is coming this November the rock and roll hall of fame and museum is opening an annex (a smaller New York version basically) in Soho!. 76 Mercer street will be the new home to the 25,000 square foot New York chapter of the Rock and Roll hall of fame and museum. mayor Bloomberg made the announcement the other day at a press conference with Billy Joel on hand among others. What will be on display there? well at the press conference, some of the artifacts that will be in the museum were on display with Bloomberg.  On either side were guitars owned by Johnny Ramone, and Eric Clapton,  behind them was a phone booth from CBGB, and a few feet away stood Bruce Springsteen’s first car, a banana-yellow 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible.THAT is a pimp mobile!.

Mayor Bloomberg  and directors of the Hall of fame spoke about and  celebrated New York’s contributions to rock history, reminiscing about concerts in historic clubs and theaters, many of them — like CBGB, the Bottom Line and Max’s Kansas City no longer exist. 

Anyway the plan is for the museum to open in November,……………..So much for the mistake by the lake, this is New York F%$#*&G CITY!!!!!. That is all, END Transmission!




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