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It’s my first time in the States for Halloween, and to be honest it’s a whole different deal to what the Brits get up to on 31st October.  All Halloween means in the UK is annoying little kids go trick or treating, and that’s it.  Of course they annoy everyone, my Nan used to say “You’ve got America to thank for this!”

But I get that there’s a lot more exciting Halloween stuff going on in the States.  So, have fun, whatever you’re doing tonight.  And in the meantime, to pass the time at work today, check out these celebrities – who don’t need a Halloween mask……..


92.3 K-Rock’s Halloween Tip #69

Ladies, if you haven’t decided what you want to be just yet, may we suggest one of the following:

Naughty nurse, cheerleader, Bunny rabbit, French maid,  Britney Spears, sexy librarian,  Tina fey, Sarah Palin,  Tina Fey as Sarah Palin … Maybe that one’s just us.

Cleopatra, Rihanna, that one chick from Battlestar Galactica, Alice in wonderland… That one is definitely just us.
The news chick from channel five, the barista at my Starbucks, Catholic schoolgirl, or Wonder Woman.

Check out some awesome Halloween costumes below.

Happy freakin’ Halloween… from New York’s freakin’ Rock station.

Sexy Alice In Wonderland

Sexy Nurse

Sexy Ghostbuster

Sexy Marie Antoinette

Princess Leia

Sexy Harry Potter

Sexy Batgirl

Sexy Referee

Sexy Boss

Sexy Mustard

Perhaps you can pick up one of these sexy costumes from this place:


The greatest halloween song EVER!

Oogie Boogie: Gangsta to the NTH degree, reppin the mean streets of Halloweentown!


  Happy Halloween ya li’l GOBLINS!





That is all, end halloween transmission!


Happy Halloween Bytchez!

This is the main reason why I dont dress up for Halloween. These guys have me beat, Im never this clever in terms of costumes,..well, to be honest I AM this clever, I just dont have time to turn myself into a six foot tall human IPOD etc. I do like the facebook page, and the dog getting eaten by the alligator,…..I could actually do without Bobby Boris Pickett’s “Monster Mash” soundtrack though.


  That is all, end transmission…ya li’l GOBLINS!!!.


it is COMING!!!!!!!!!.RAAAWR!!!!!!!!!



O ne more thing for your procrastination needs

 That is all, ENd transmission!


Rock on, BON!


In Perth Austrailia they have erected (hee hee) a statue of the late ACDC frontman Bon Scott who died in 1980 of alcohol poisoning. Check out the bag pipes!


 That is all, End Transmission



I went to their dress rehearsal yesterday.  It was great.  Only a 13 song set (I think they’re easing themselves back into it), but after an hour and 15 mins all you have wanted was more.

There’s a Rock N Roll train that’s part of the stage set, the cannons and the bell, which Brian still swings from despite being 61 years old!  Angus ripped through every lead perfectly and of course when a band is still great and has the songs AC/DC do, how can you not love being part of the audience??

So, bellow is the set list, don’t scroll down if you want to be surprised at the MSG shows…………..




Rock N Roll Train

Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be

Back In Black

Dirty Deeds


Hell’s Bells

You Shock Me All Night Long


Black Ice

Whole Lotta Rosie

Let There Be Rock


Highway To Hell

For Those About To Rock