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from the another brick in the wallowski dept.

Polka Floyd. Greatest Pink Floyd cover band ever. Watch them light up the stage with their rendition of “Have A Cigar.”

I guess they can’t bring out the laser show during the day at the State Fair. Book them for your next birthday party, work outing, or swingin’ bar mitzvah:  I bet their groupies are HOT!


From the Shocking Results Dept.

Shawn Turschak of Chapel Hill, NC, kept having his John McCain signs stolen or vandelized. Being an electrical engineer, he hooked them up to an electric dog fence to prevent theft. This 9 year old kid was busted by some voltage AND video clearly trying to do something to the sign.

I guess the kid didn’t like that because he ran home and told his dad, Andrew Noble, who then showed up at Turschak’s house with a cop. Dad said his son just wanted to see how the sign was put together.

Right. Little Perfect Child clearly has a sign in his paw and he’s doing something shady. But it’s Mr Turschak’s fault.

Had my father caught me doing that, I probably would have gotten a nice view of his belt hitting me. That’s if, of course, my dad had stuck around when I was growing up. But that’s another story for a qualified therapist.

Here’s the story:


from the hey jealousy dept.

Life On Mars. New show on ABC that I’m very interested to watch. Not because I care about a cop that travelled back in time (because I haven’t seen a DeLorean anywhere in the previews so I know it’s impossible anyway!). My interest has peaked because of Michael Imperioli’s mustache with his character Ray Carling. This mustache:

Hot damn that thing is SWEET! One day I will be able to afford testosterone injections and be able to grow a lipperpillar that glorious!


From the I Seen it All Dept.

I don’t know how they do it but local television news reporters find the dumbest people to interview for their stories. This guy is a gem. He’s a witness to something on television, given that he’s a dummy. But his parents are dull knives as well.

If any man was tailor made for a career in being an eye witness to neighborhood trouble, this would be him!


from the get these guys a cape dept.

This week I have two musical acts that I am looking up to as heroes.

1. Paul McCartney – He is standing his ground on playing the scheduled concert on the 25th in celebration of the independence of Israel even though he was specifically named in a terrorist threat video by extremist Islamic leader Omar Bakri. This takes real guts on Paul’s part. Most groups would pull out of the engagement immediately, but not Sir Paul, and that earns big respect from me.

2. The Cure – They are telling their fans in England NOT to buy their new EP Hypnagogic States from iTunes because they are charging way too much for it. Five songs for 7.99 pounds, roughly 16 to 17 dollars for five songs! The people in charge of iTunesUK promised to have it fixed today, but that shows real integrity of Robert Smith to actually not want to rip fans off.

Other bands, please take note: sometimes it not all about you.


From the hard knits dept.

Dear old school video game dorks, stare at this and think about taking up crochet.

I’m not a sweater guy, but I would wear that daily until only a piece of string remained. the amount of hot nerdy girls with glasses that would want to get into your jeans would be immeasurable. someone, anyone. get your grandmother to make one for me, size XL because of all the weight lifting I do (eating like a pig). I will pay a king’s ransom of up to 20 dollars AMERICAN CASH for it!


from the in your underpants dept.

Planned Parenthood has made some wonderful videos at their new website, but the “Down There Song” is the real gem of this site:

Who did they hire to research those terms for the funny parts? Someone with more immaturity than me, that’s who! Watch the videos too. Priceless. But I won’t forget to get checked out!