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Um….what was she selling?

Here’s Heidi Klum, in all of her jiggely glory, trying her best to get us to buy some some video games.

She could be selling rancid meat and i’d be waiting in line to nab what she hawking in that adVERtisement (Ian Camfield style).


AC/DC concert new video

The biggest rock export from Australia doin me proud and still going strong.

Some videos been put online from their Chicago gigs.



Weezer set five world records in new video clip

I read this before I saw the video clip..

Sounded more impressive than what I imagined.

Here’s the youtube clip of the video.


Happy Halloween Bytchez!

This is the main reason why I dont dress up for Halloween. These guys have me beat, Im never this clever in terms of costumes,..well, to be honest I AM this clever, I just dont have time to turn myself into a six foot tall human IPOD etc. I do like the facebook page, and the dog getting eaten by the alligator,…..I could actually do without Bobby Boris Pickett’s “Monster Mash” soundtrack though.


  That is all, end transmission…ya li’l GOBLINS!!!.


from the since 1990 dept.

Tony Woolliscroft has been alongside the Chili Peppers for almost 20 years now as the band photographer.

He has thousands of photos and he just put out a book of them, “Me and My Friends.”

Go here to order it and get a taste of what’s inside:


from the nerd floyd dept.

At their Portland show the other night, Weezer did a sweet cover of Pink Floyd’s “Time!”

Gotta say, Pat Wilson! Very nice performance my man. Looks like someone is trying to make a future for themselves as the new front-man of Weezer…


Recovering from the Mets past season…..

I almost felt like i had a hangover today, trying to deal with i had just watched my favorite sports team do, for the 2nd time in 2 years.  Blow a lead in the last part of the season, and miss their chance at a run at the World Series.  Last year sucked HARD, worse then this by far, but still, the up and down season that they had has left me exhausted and irritable.

I was sitting in our promotions office today, talking to the guy who gives you your concert tickets, Promo Pete, trying to figure out what the Mets should do in the offseason.  We went back and forth alot, keep reyes, dump beltran, light the 2nd base bag on fire.

I settled on these changes:

Keep wright and reyes

trade beltran

cut delgado before he dooms us with another awful first half of the season

start the bullpen from scratch, but keep joe smith.

find a way to get daniel murphy into EVERY SINGLE GAME, and cutting castillo.

clone johan??  is that possible yet?

so, what do  you think should be done?  what moves would you be making if you were omar minaya?