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Ask and ye Shall Receive

Coco Crisp incited a bench clearing brawl last night in Tampa Bay. He charged the mound after pitcher Shields hit him with a pitch. The tension had been building for three games. OR the Boston Red Sox read my blog

Crisp fights Shields

bench clearing brawl


When did sports get so civilized

I’m watching Sportscenter this morning, like I do every morning, and I see the highlights from the Yankees game last night. Derek Jeter hit No. 2,416 to become third on the Yanks’ all-time hits list. He stands impressive with 2,416 hits for his career, carrying him past Mickey Mantle and into third place on the Yankees’ all-time list. Jeter now trails only Lou Gehrig (2,721) and Babe Ruth (2,518).
So he hits the ball to right field and safely lands at first. Upon finishing the play, the Toronto 2nd baseman throws the ball to the ump so he can give it to Jeter.

Just last week, the Red Sox’s Manny Ramirez hit home run 500 in Baltimore. Home run. So it landed in the stands of right center, where one lucky fan got to catch it and take it home. Scratch that, one loony fan got to catch it and RETURN the ball to Manny. Did you see the part where I wrote IN BALTIMORE? Not even a home game and the fan returned the ball.

Since when did everyone get so nice, cordial, polite and damn boring. I want George Brett and Pete Rose, Ty Cobb and boozin Babe Ruth. I want a bench clearing brawl dammit, not hand shakes and pats on the back.


Sue Simmons drops the F bomb

Everyones got their favorite newscaster, and mine has always been Sue Simmons. She is tough as nails! She is no nonsense. Something about her screams ‘don’t fuck with me’. I guess my vibe is right, cuz last night she actually dropped the F bomb on live TV. I love her!!!


Kentucky Derby

I think somewhere, somehow the Mint Julep got a bad rap. It sounds like something an old lady would drink. Maybe an old lady with a taste for strong kick ass drinks!

Every year on the first Saturday of May, I make this amazing cocktail, don a hat and watch the Kentucky Derby, hollering out loud for my horse to win. I suggest you give it a try. You won’t be sad you did. Make the simple syrup ahead of time cuz it shouldn’t be hot or your ice will melt!

You will need, ice, bourbon, mint leaves, sugar and water.

The Mint Julep is made with 3 to 5 ounces of bourbon, 1 ounce mint-infused simple syrup, fresh mint leaves, and a generous amount of shaved or pulverized ice.

To make simple syrup bring one cup water and one cup sugar and some mint leaves to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 3 minutes. Let cool. Get a towel, throw a ton of ice cubes in, wrap them and beat em up with a hammer. Then you will have crushed ice.

“Muddle (smoosh with a spoon) 1⁄2 oz of syrup with mint leaves in bottom of a highball glass (something you’d make a regular size drink in). Rub entire inside of cup with the syrupy leaves. Pack the cup to over the rim with ice. Pour the other half ounce of syrup over the ice, followed by the bourbon. Garnish with a leafy sprig of mint. Drink slowly, that’s a lot of bourbon through a straw.”


I hate all the DJ’s here

OK, not all of them, but one. And I’m not sure which one. I was looking at the various blogs posted and came across a Lost spoiler. You can’t post that without a warning!!! What sort of mean awful idiot are you? Half the people out there don’t watch TV shows on time and now you’ve gone and told us who died in a recent episode. I am in denial, pretending that I DIDN’T see it. To the extent that I won’t look at the blogs again to see who posted it so I can trip them in the hall. WARNING…if YOU don’t want to know who was killed off…Don’t go looking through the blogs!


Irish and Potatoes

I’ve heard it before, that the Irish eat a lot of potatoes, and that is no joke. I’ve never seen so many potatoes in all my life. Every meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh, and not to mention all the potato snacks that are available. I went to a ‘food court’ type area for lunch in Dublin. I ordered Udon Noodles. These are typically Japanese noodles, in a broth with some vegetables. This version had potatoes. Noodles and potatoes? HOLY STARCH. My producer ordered a sandwich, and I kid you not, inside was…potatoes. Dinner at any given restaurant had potatoes in the main course as well as on the side. The tipping point? “I’ll have a Jameson and gingerale please”. The waiter brings the cocktail to the table. The garnish? A wedge of lime? No. A wedge of potato. Jameson and ginger with a squeeze of potato. MMMMMMmmmmm


Jameson is YUMMY

Greetings from Dublin. This city is amazing, and the kind folks at Jameson have seen to it that we’ve all had a Jameson and ginger ale in our hands at all times. Over 30 radio stations from around the world are broadcasting from the Jameson Distillery on St. Patrick’s day. I almost feel bad for Dubliners… DJs are all insane sober… imagine with a few drinks in ’em.

My camera is on the fritz, but I should have pics up shortly!
As they say… Erin Go Braless