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92.3 K-Rock’s Halloween Tip #69

Ladies, if you haven’t decided what you want to be just yet, may we suggest one of the following:

Naughty nurse, cheerleader, Bunny rabbit, French maid,  Britney Spears, sexy librarian,  Tina fey, Sarah Palin,  Tina Fey as Sarah Palin … Maybe that one’s just us.

Cleopatra, Rihanna, that one chick from Battlestar Galactica, Alice in wonderland… That one is definitely just us.
The news chick from channel five, the barista at my Starbucks, Catholic schoolgirl, or Wonder Woman.

Check out some awesome Halloween costumes below.

Happy freakin’ Halloween… from New York’s freakin’ Rock station.

Sexy Alice In Wonderland

Sexy Nurse

Sexy Ghostbuster

Sexy Marie Antoinette

Princess Leia

Sexy Harry Potter

Sexy Batgirl

Sexy Referee

Sexy Boss

Sexy Mustard

Perhaps you can pick up one of these sexy costumes from this place:


Travis Barker Plane Crash

Travis Barker of Blink 182 and DJ AM have been involved in a plane crash in South Carolina. Check out the story in our music news section for more info…


My Lunchbox


Potential New K-Rock Music

We are contemplating adding this song to the playlist…  We normally don’t play any ska, but this band is tight. Let us know what you think.


Summer Slam Pre-Wrap-Up Wrap-Up


Between the K-ROCK girl Gala and the search for the Ultimate K-ROCK Anthem my heart won’t stop racing… maybe I should probably stop drinking these ****ing energy drinks, but they are so delicious.

The belt has changed over 8 times since Rage knocked off the powerhouse we call… Metallica.

Nirvana is the current holder of the belt with Smells like teen Spirit and seems like they came in the right place at the right time. They took away the belt from Pink FloydAnother Brick in the Wall (thank god, rock me sexy Jesus), and successfully defended the title against Van HalenRunning with the Devil… If Dave did it acappella I think he might have had it on wrap.

In total there are 3 Songs left that could possibly win:

NirvanaSmells like Teen Spirit (Currently holding the belt)
QueenWe will rock you/We are the champions (2pm match)
AC/DCHighway to Hell (5pm and final match)

It’s a triple threat match, can Nirvana hold on to the belt and take down Queen and AC/DC… will Queen “ROCK” Nirvana and sing we are the champions as they beat AC/DC… or is AC/DC going to take the highway to hell as they steal the belt in the final match.


The likelihood of that being right… with my luck… Slim to none.

Let’s go Met’s!

All I know is that someone is going to win another TV… and it’s not me… *&@$

Congrates (yes I spelled it wrong on purpose) to the K-ROCK girls, the person that wins the TV, and whichever song/band is on top at the end of this tournament. You all worked extremely hard to get to this point in your life, and you deserve the recognition!!!

Check out the K-ROCK girls right here.

Word to your mom… Pound that *ish (explosion)… the 5 o’clock shadow was dope…



rage pins metallica, takes the belt!

Metallica – Enter Sandman vs. Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name

In a previous blog I referred to Metallica as a “machine”…

Who or what can stop a machine? I thought nothing… and I guess I put a curse on Metallica when I said I thought they’d be going all the way…

Who better to take down a machine… then a machine with tons of rage…

This by far was one of the most exciting matches. It was a pure blood bath, an epic battle. Tables, ladders, chairs… everything was used in this match but the kitchen sink.

Who walked away holding the belt?
With 52.7% of the votes … and New Champion of the Battle for the Ultimate K-ROCK Anthem…

Rage Against The Machine – Killing in The Name


A quick recap of Metallica’s crushings from the past few days

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right
with 70% of the votes
(A nice strong way to start this tournament.)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
with 73.8% of the votes
(Back to back smackdowns by Metallica.)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats Gun’s N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine
with 55% of the votes
(The first real challenge for Metallica, and they held up strong.)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge
with 59.2% of the votes
(Another decent fight, but Metallica took down that bridge and dropped it on the Peppers’ face.)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats Foo Fighters – Everlong
with 51.7% of the votes
(The closest match so far… You almost did it Dave!)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats Jane’s Addiction – Jane Says
with 75.2% of the votes
(Jane got smacked real hard… and she said “OUCH”.)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats Linkin Park – In The End
with 60.3% of the votes
(Can metallica be stopped???… in the end, no!!!)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats The Killers – Mr. Brightside
with 69.9% of the votes
(For some reason I was hoping that this song could do it… I mean, it’s so catchy.)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats Nine Inch Nails – Head Like a Hole
with 59.9% of the votes
(Trent was not happy with this, and I heard he may kick you in the face “Pigface style” at the
IZOD Center on the 27th of this month.)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats The Police – Roxanne
with 71.1% of the votes
(I’m assuming that most people were involved in the Roxanne drinking game and couldn’t text at the same time… I’ll let it slide this time.)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats Bon Jovi – Livin On A Prayer
with 53.9% of the votes
(New Jersey was definitely called out by Ian during this match… you made it real interesting… Metallica still comes out on top)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower
with 58.4% of the votes
(Not only did Jimi roll in his grave, but he re-wrapped his acid filled bandana to forget that this ever happened.)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats Radiohead – Creep
with 62.1% of the votes
(…hmmm… I think I’ve gained a twitch.)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats Green Day – Basket Case
with 57.5% of the votes
(-Guys… is this really happening? Could this be the next ’72 Miami Dolphins -undefeated and won the Superbowl – or the next ’07 New England Patriots? Do I need to explain? CHOKE-)

Metallica – Enter Sandman defeats … (Who is the next victim?)