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Wooooohhhh Mumma

Lauren Becall rocked up to a premiere showing off her saggers.

Good on her.

And what would those puppies be without the complimenting camel toe.

Get the story here.


“Original Pranksta”; what some pin heads will do for love!

Yeeeaaah, ya know I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff over the years for the love of a good (and I use the term loosely) woman, but THIS guy?. Well, they say it’s all about “street cred” and these days everybody seems to wanna be a gangsta, I blame Mtv and “fiddy cent”. Read and laugh:


BROWNSBURG, Ind. — A man shot himself several times in what police called a staged assault designed to prove to his friends and ex-girlfriend that he lived a secret life as a gang member. Brownsburg police said the sordid tale began with a false report from Zachary Booso (pictured), 19. According to police, Booso said he was driving to a friend’s house in a Brownsburg neighborhood Saturday when a man flagged him down. He said he stopped at a clubhouse, where the man demanded his wallet and shot him.

Booso phoned a friend and told him he was shot. His friend’s father called 911.Booso’s story that someone had shot him four times began to unravel when medics and his mother said his wounds might have been self-inflicted. When pressed by police, Booso confessed to shooting himself in the cheek, shoulder and thigh with a pellet gun.


“Attacking a major crime as we should, we found that he had possibly made a false report,” said Brownsburg police Capt. Jeff Gray.Police said Booso, a member of the U.S. Navy who is on leave, had a history of prescription drug abuse.According to officers, Booso told them he did it to try to prove to his friends and ex-girlfriend that he led a secret life as a gang member.”Nobody believed him, so this was going to … show all of them that he had been involved in a gang,” Gray said. Booso was taken to a hospital and then to jail, where he bonded out the same day. He faces a misdemeanor charge of false informing.



Imagine the fine specimin of womanhood this assclown was willing to shoot HIMSELF, to impress?……  I dont know but looking at him, somehow Im not expecting Jessica Alba, or maybe the Paril Hilton of his local Wal Mart checkout line.


 That is all, END TRANSMISSION! 


I don’t want to know your name I just want bang bang bang

I’ve NEVER understood why you would give a hooker your real name and pay by credit card.

Pay in cash and use a fakie boys…

If you missed the story here it is.

  ‘Hi boys, want bang bang bang? I won’t tell anyone’


Nik Carter will love this

A Hills movie?  Good God.  I’m proud to say I have never once subjected myself to this drivel.  I watched a few episodes of Laguna Beach ‘back in the day’ and knew that was enough for me.


From the Seriously?! Dept.

The tiny African country of Angola is putting a new twist on beauty pagents. On Wednesday, they are having the 1st Annual Miss Landmine Survivor Competition. The organizers of the contest are holding it to “restore self-esteem (in women maimed by the mines) and make them ambassadors for their own cause.”

I’m not making fun. I think this is a great idea for the women who are dealing with disabilities to get back their self-worth. But I just have this bad exploitation feeling.

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Which is the less effective political ad?

If you saw either of these on TV, which of them would be less likely to get you to vote for the candidate they’re endorsing?

Exhibit A: “It’s Rainin’ McCain”

Exhibit B: err.. Hillary Clinton midget video?


Rolling Stones/Scorcese- “Shine A Light”

I checked out the Rolling Stones concert documentary directed by Martin Scorcese called “Shine A Light,” filmed in 2006 at the Beacon Theatre, NYC.

OK, first things first, if you have never seen the Stones play live, go see this movie!! (April 4th release) You are going to have the best seats EVER to a Stones show for MUCH less than I ever paid to see them on tour!

In some ways this is just like any concert video/dvd you’ve already seen. It’s a full show with some old interview footage thrown in. However the sound and picture here are SO clean that at times you almost forget that you aren’t actually AT the show. It’s really amazing how much you’re IN the show. You get to see their reactions, facial expressions, and the way they interact with each other throughout the gig. It’s incredible for any musician or fan to get to see this perspective! The best part is that you get to see the pure joy on these guys’ faces. Mick running full speed down the stage towards the audience. Keith & Ronnie lovingly wailing on their guitars. They are SO in the moment and totally get how lucky they are. You also get to see many, many wrinkles, which serve to remind you throughout the show that it’s almost impossible for them to be THIS tight at their age!!

As soon as the concert begins, your heart leaps as the band comes out with “Jumping Jack Flash.” They then hit “Shattered.” Beautiful! Keith Richards shifts to his acoustic guitar for an absolutely poetic version of “As Tears Go By.” Something about that nostalgic song, and a wrinkled Mick and Keith delivering it after all these years makes your eyes just well up.

The only negatives I will state about the film is that the setlist may leave you feeling pretty disappointed. Keeping that in mind, they do hit some staple tunes that will bring you back if you drift off. “Sympathy for the Devil,” “Start Me Up,” and a killer encore of “Brown Sugar” and “Satisfaction.” It was SO hard to resist the urge to stand up and cheer after each one!

For one “country” song they brought out Jack White. If you’re a White Stripes fan you’ll probably enjoy this. If you’re a Stones fan you’ll be annoyed that they wasted a song with it. Same thing when they trot out Christina Aguilerra. However, they brought out Buddy Guy to do a blues song and I figured I’d hate it. Turns out it was one of the best ones of the night!

There are definitely some cool Scorcese moments, like the matrix-esque shot of Keith Richards spitting out his cigarette and the amazing aerial of Manhattan at the end. WhoA.

All in all, this movie is TOTALLY worth seeing for anyone that loves Rock. THIS is truly what it’s all about.

One of the final old clips that they show is of a young Mick Jagger being interviewed just before they hit the stage. The interviewer asks;

“Can you picture yourself at age 60 doing what you’re doing now?”

Mick wistfully answers, “Yeah… easily.”

A damn good lesson for all of us.

“…I said, ‘Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!
Don’t hang around ’cause two’s a crowd
on my cloud baby…”

-The Rolling Stones
“Get Off Of My Cloud”