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Metal, Metal, Metal…….

I probably should have written this blog this morning, but to be honest I was far too hung over!

I went to see Maiden at MSG on Sunday night.  The gig was outstanding, the same set as they played in March in Jersey, but the stage show was much bigger.  A lot of pyro and a bigger mummy Eddie who appeared during Iron Maiden.

When Bruce was in K-Rock on Friday were talking of how this tour in terms of ticket sales has put Maiden on a par with The Stones and U2.  The band’s performance is also comparable, not only with those aforementioned superstars, but also with today’s metal outfits half Maiden’s age.  I love the likes of Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium, but they could still learn a thing or two from checking out Maiden.  Something Trivium actually mentioned when I ran into them post show.

There was an unoffical after party in a bar where Trivium and Maiden were hanging out.  At one point at about 2am Trivium decided it would be good if the bar played their new album.  Loudly.  This is a place which often has quiet Jazz bands performing in the corner, while diners quietly enjoy the French cuisine available.  So this was hardly like Axl playing Chinese Democracy in a Vegas strip club, but then I hate predictability.

So let me tell you, what I heard was great!  There is some shredding stuff on this CD.  And there’s a lot more screaming.  Matt Heafy sings too, and there are moments where the full throttle nature lets up, but if you thought The Crusade missed some of the ferocity of Ascendancy, it’s back on this new album.  Only the song writing and musicianship is above and beyond anything the band have done so far.  And while Trivium still proudly wear their influence on their sleeves (or their albums), what I heard will silence critics who considered The Crusade to be a Metallica facsimile.

I also heard a great cover of Iron Maiden’s ‘Iron Maiden.’  They nailed that classic.  It’s not a part of their new album, but will  be available on a Maiden tribute CD that you’ll be able to get free with Kerrang magazine in about three weeks time.  So look out for it!