Nirvana baby all grown up, this is weird.

So imagine living in a world where virtually everyone you meet has seen your naked baby pictures, or at least one in particular. A pic of you, naked, little wee wee hanging out, while you’re chasing a dollar bill in the water?. One of the most iconic images of our generation is the picture of the naked baby on the cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” disc. Now at 17 years of age the Nirvana baby whose name is Spencer Elden did a photo shoot where he recreated that famous shot, of course now he’s wearing trunks to cover his wee wee. Let’s hope it’s brown in the past almost two decades. He says his parents were paid $200 for his modeling services, chicken feed when you consider that the album went on to sell some 25 million copies, and then there were T-shirts of the album cover etc. Why so little? Spencer says ” my parents had never heard of Nirvana”………yeah well neither had most of the rest of the world. Swim on Nirvana baby!!.


 That is all, End Transmission!01_nevermind_recreation


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