It’s been a bad, bad week for the grand old party and the Republicans are in a state of panic! McCain losing the election, Sarah Palin being outed for not knowing things that the average American 5th grader knows, things like Africa being a continent and not a country,THE LIBERAL Media’s CONSTANT AND UNFAIR ATTACKS on the Bush white house!. After eight tumultuous years in the white house the biting attacks by the media have worn the family down!….Well today a prominent member of the Bush white house BIT BACK!. Barney: President Bush’s beloved dog took a bite out of a reporter from Reuters, who had to go get tetanus shot, antibiotics, the whole nine yards. First lady Laura Bush sent a note of apology to the reporter but the word went out to the world: You mess with the Bush, you get the teeth.





You keep your little noses clean!

 That is all, ENd TRansmission!



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