I went to their dress rehearsal yesterday.  It was great.  Only a 13 song set (I think they’re easing themselves back into it), but after an hour and 15 mins all you have wanted was more.

There’s a Rock N Roll train that’s part of the stage set, the cannons and the bell, which Brian still swings from despite being 61 years old!  Angus ripped through every lead perfectly and of course when a band is still great and has the songs AC/DC do, how can you not love being part of the audience??

So, bellow is the set list, don’t scroll down if you want to be surprised at the MSG shows…………..




Rock N Roll Train

Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be

Back In Black

Dirty Deeds


Hell’s Bells

You Shock Me All Night Long


Black Ice

Whole Lotta Rosie

Let There Be Rock


Highway To Hell

For Those About To Rock


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  1. November 5, 2008 at 3:08 pm

    Dude,that was an amazing dress rehearsal, I was lucky to witness it, LOUD like AC/DC always is, and should be!! Last time i saw them was Back in Black then the For Those About to Rock tours. Angus,still hittin it givin his best, Brian sounded great for 61. wish i was goin to MSG couldnt swing it when they went on sale! Hey what did you think of the whole stage set from the animation to the train,the bell, Rosie,the explotions the cannons..Angus on top of the elevated stage (so all can bow to his excellence) well put together man!! fuckin A+.. Was glad to hear Let There Be Rock ..well worth 4+ hours on the Rock N Roll Train to Penn. If you could play Let There Be Rock OR Sin City as a request on Thurs or Fri or any afternoon except Weds. that would make my day. Thanks.. rock on man

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