Anti Christ superstar VS. Jackass Blowhard

I don’t think it would shock too many to know that I am not  a fan of Bill O’reilly. It’s not even the political ideology that I find so bothersome (although I do detest his whole  “Im an independent” when it’s documented that he’s a registered republican, be up front!. I could actually respect his whole “conservative” desire to turn the clock back to 1950’s “leave it to Beaver” times if he was at least up front about his agenda). No what I think bothers me most about the guy is that if you ever actually watch the Oreilly factor  ( or most of the better known shows on Fox news) all it is is a bully fest. You dont agree with O’reilly? you’re going to get cut off, shouted down, or dismissed as some “liberal” etc blah blah blah. maybe it’s because I work in the rock music world that I get so insane when people like O’Reilly attempt to blame the evils of the world on god for bid rock music. Whether it be Insane clown posse dressed up as “serial killer clowns who rap, or a guy wearing a $30 contact lens and his sister’s eye make up, the fact that someone could with a straight face blame the current state of the angry suburban youth on these idiots is laughable to me!.  Imagine my fascination when Marilyn Manson went on the “Oreilly factor”e . How would O’reilly handle it?. I think he was expecting some brainless dope who would try to be shocking by jumping up on his desk and defecating on it, but Manson is actually smarter than a lot of the “legitimate”  guests that you’ll see wearing suits on that show. I found it so entertaining to see O’reilly’s constant attempts to rattle him with  questions like “why do you swear in your music? and what about the children who listen?”…….. There’s really not a lot of new ground broken here but it’s pretty interesting to watch




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