R.I.P “Cool hand Luke”

You know I’m not one of those people who bums out when a celebrity dies because honestly why should their lives be any more precious than that of anyone else?/ However I have to say that im pretty bummed about Paul Newman who passed away over the weekend of cancer at 83. In a world filled with movie stars (basically people who look good and can spit out a sentence on cue), Paul Newman was a artist, just watch “Cool Hand Luke” , you watch that and just see the quiet, understated cool at work not to mention it’s a classic and one of the more entertaining films you’ll see (put that in your netflix queue).

The thing that bums me out is that here was a guy who was a true philanthropist……… You’ve probably seen the Newman’s own stuff when you’re in Path mark or wherever you shop.  Paul Newman put his name on everything from BBQ sauce, to dog food, to Microwave popcorn. You name it and he makes it. What you may not know is that he GAVE AWAY ALL OF THE MONEY TO CHARITY!. Think about it, that is probably the most selfless and yet “Gangsta” things anyone could do. Here’s this guy making these products that bring in hundreds of millions if dollars, and he’s basically said ” Give it ALL to charity, I don’t need it, Im already rich, put my face on the bottles of everything and watch it fly off the shelves”, and that is exactly what happened. I mean,  who does that?……. Bill Gates?… Oprah?………yeah they give away millions, but they’re both BILLIONAIRES and as much as we would all love to be lowly millionaires like Newman, most people who become millionaires remain millionaires by keeping every dime that comes to them. Most would never even think to build factories, turn a huge profit and then say ok now give it all away to orphans, global warming research, inner city schools, aids research, all the stuff that the government just cant seem to get around to finding the money for. On top of all of it he makes some of the most righteous microwave popcorn that you’lll ever chomp on.


Paul Newman, not just some old time actor, a man’s man, a philanthropist, and a man that “can eat 50 eggs”, gone.


That is all, End transmission.


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