the grapes of TOOL!

When not making music with Tool, Puscifer, A perfect Circle, etc, Maynard can be found hanging out on his property in Sedona Arizona sipping the nectar of the grape.. A sprawling Camelot like spread which is mainly a vineyard. The guy is seriously into WINE. Some artists have huge wine cellars that are as large as most of our apartments, not Maynard though, he’s got a vineyard where he makes his own wine. Maynard along with his and partner in wine Eric Glomski stopped by Whole Foods in Venice California to sign bottles  of the good stuff from their wineries Caduceus Cellars, Merkin Vinyards, and Arizona Stronghold. Ive been to a lot of meet and greets where rock stars were signing things for their fans in my time at Tower records, Virgin megastore, even at sporting goods stores. Maynard signing wine bottles at Whole foods is a new one!


Bottoms up!


 That is all, End Transmission!



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