One more reason that Tina Fey is GOD!

Like many other people Im usually not home on Saturday nights which included last Saturday night when this bit of comedic genius erupted. I kept hearing about it on everything from CNN, to MSNBC, to Fox news during the political coverage, all about how dead on Tina Fey was with her Palin impression. The second I saw Gov. Palin on TV I knew the wheels had to be turning over at 30 Rock with frantic emails with the subject line “GET TINA BACK FOR A SKETCH” as the headline flying out of Loren Michael’s computer!.  So I finally searched this out on youtube and while Amy Pohler does Hillary Clinton again, Tina Fey is frighteningly accurate as Sarah Palin. Wherever you stand politically, during what Ive noticed to be one of the most rancorous political fights that I ever remember in my entire life, it’s good to finally have a good laugh at it all!. Oh my god when  Clinton mentions the Bush doctrine, the Palin reaction made me spit beer all over ny monitor!





 Good times

That is all, End Transmission


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