Oasis, the video

We were all disappointed by the cancellation of the Oasis terminal 5 show last Friday night and the story we heard was that Noel was still nursing his injured back. His back was injured when he was “assaulted” on stage on September 8th at the V fest in Toronto. Now there is talk of Oasis scrapping their entire world tour! This would be a shame and while I sympathize with the Gallagher’s ( I mean after Dimebag Darrel a few  years ago Im sure it makes anyone in a band pretty freaked out when their space (the stage) is invaded). I had only read abut the “assault” third hand and of course had not seen it until now. The striking thing is that the crowd does not seem to be angry as much as they’re cheering the guy on!. THat is not cool but then again watch the video, does it seem like an injury that could sideline an entire tour?. To his credit Noel did come back onstage and soldier on through the end of the set. Here is the incident in slow motion………..”assault”? “attack”? or a sadly typical drunken pin head just being a drunken pin head?. 




That is all, End TRansmission


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