from the get these guys a cape dept.

This week I have two musical acts that I am looking up to as heroes.

1. Paul McCartney – He is standing his ground on playing the scheduled concert on the 25th in celebration of the independence of Israel even though he was specifically named in a terrorist threat video by extremist Islamic leader Omar Bakri. This takes real guts on Paul’s part. Most groups would pull out of the engagement immediately, but not Sir Paul, and that earns big respect from me.

2. The Cure – They are telling their fans in England NOT to buy their new EP Hypnagogic States from iTunes because they are charging way too much for it. Five songs for 7.99 pounds, roughly 16 to 17 dollars for five songs! The people in charge of iTunesUK promised to have it fixed today, but that shows real integrity of Robert Smith to actually not want to rip fans off.

Other bands, please take note: sometimes it not all about you.


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