Scott Weiland, “Happy”?..NO DOUBT he is!

So ten years ago in 1998 Scott Weiland released his first solo album “12 bar blues” ……mostly because he had been thrown out of STP (the first time) and he needed something to do with his time. Otherwise you know what they say: Idle hands are the devil’s helpers, I mean who knows what could have happened to poor Scott, he could have ended up in a spiraling descent into drugs, jail, and…er,………hmm,…..well; Forget I said anything. Anyway his second solo album “Happy” is scheduled to be released in November of this year. Interesting turn of events it will include guest appearances by the members of no doubt pictured here, actually it will feature guest appearances by everyone in this photo except the one with the pink hair.


 If history is any indicator, seeing as Weiland is on a ten year cycle for solo releases, we should expect his next solo album in 2018…….providing he lives that long.


 That is all, End transmission!


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