Oasis & AC/DC

So today was pretty disappointing at K-Rock.  We had been expecting a visit from Noel Gallgher earlier in the week.  That plan changed after some stupid Canadian (whose address I believe is now on some Oasis fan sites) attacked him at the V Festival.  Liam was then scheduled to do the interview, but all Oasis promo was cancelled at the last minute today, shortly followed by the announcement they also wouldn’t be turning up to Terminal 5 tomorrow.

So we’ll have to wait for Oasis till the MSG show in Dec.  Has that been announced yet?!!!!

I can tell you however that I heard the new Oasis album this week.  It’s very psychedelic.  I thought the track that was leaked (Falling Down) was really good and that’s the tone for much of the album.  The familiar Oasis drum stomp is still present, but there are organs and strings used to almost proggy effect on a number of songs.

Liam’s songs are by far the best work of his career.  The Lennon inspired I’m Outta Time demonstrates how his writing has improved and album closer Soldier On is a highlight.

This week I also had the fortune to check out Black Ice, the new AC/DC album.  What a return to form.  I was a fan of Stiff Upper Lip and Ballbreaker, but there was an element of filler, particularly to Ballbreaker.  Black Ice will rock your world, these are the best riffs and strongest hooks AC/DC has created in years.  Big Jack and Spoilin’ For A Fight possess that classic ‘DC chant, the title cut has a great groove, and just when you thought you knew what you were gonna get with AC/DC there’s a first – Angus plays slide guitaron Stormy May Day.

Black Ice sounds musically more vibrant than AC/DC have done in years and Brian Johnson (at 61 years of ages) has delivered one of his best vocal performances.

Both Black Ice and Dig Out Your Soul are worthy of your attention when they’re released next month.  Or as soon as someone leaks them online.


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