The man is back, and HE IS HUNGRY!!!!!!!

“Bizarre foods” is back on the Travel Channel this week!. I wish I even KNEW why I love this show as much as I do. I wish I could even explain exactly what the thrill is in watching a portly, and somewhat goofy  gentleman eat;  deer penis, BULL PENIS, snake Penis (who knew they even had em!), snake urine soup, the live beating heart of a snake as it being prepared, fried sea horse on a stick,  stir fried scorpion, cow stomach, sheep intestines, stuffed duck feet, BUGS BUGS BUGS! stir fried silk worms, grasshoppers, beetles of every description, bats, guinea pig, starfish, donkey meat, camel paw, jellyfish salad,  the list goes on and on and that was only last season!.  For the new season of “Bizarre foods” Andrew Zimmern promises 14 new countries and over 300 new bizarre foods, all of which are actually FOODS in different parts of the world. I think he knows he has to step it up at this point and truly push the envelope of “food”, I mean once you’ve seen a guy eat a live beating heart of animal, or reptile, or fish as it’s slaughtered and prepared at the table, you have to eat something really out there to even maintain the premise of the show let alone top yourself! Think about that here’s a guy who is paid travel the world, hang out with people in their homes and in restaurants and EAT!. This show is one of the reasons that I have digital cable!. Check it out and see if this is not the most entertaining, bewildering, sometimes horrifying thing you’ve seen on TV in forever!. That is all, End transmission!


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