And the Brett Favre reign begins!

You know New Yorkers have no clue how lucky they are! If you grow up in this amazing city you tend to take for granted the number of sports teams that you have to root for. Try growing up in a town with one team for every sport!. Let me give you ahypothetical nightmare scenario; Can you imagine growing up with the pre Tom Brady Patriots?. Can you imagine having to root for DREW BLEDSOE?……. the excitement level is that of hanging out at a construction site and watching paint dry. Anyway that is the life that i was forced into by birth!. In towns where more than one team plays a professional sport there is always one that gets the glory and most of the attention whereas the other is sort of an also ran with a smaller yet fiercely loyal following. Guess which category the Jets fall into?.  Growing up in New ENgland I was always sort of a closet Jets fan, especially when Curtis martin came to the Jets!.  Going to NYU it became obvious to me when I first moved to NYC that the Jets get no love compared to, well you know who!. Last week when big blue was about to start their season, I had people all day Thursday calling me on air and saying ” Hey you gotta give a shout out to big blue, let’s do it again”. When I mentioned that well, Im a jets fan I was literally met with comments like ” Oh, I’m sorry to hear that”. So Sunday marked a new beginning, the FAVRE ERA!. Personally I think Favre is literally on his last legs and for a guy his age to be the hope of Jet nation?……….well, let’s just say even though he is THE BRETT FAVRE, he’s still no spring chicken. However, it has given a much needed shot in the arm in terms of morale, and media props to the Jets and with Pennington’s loss today, well one down, fifteen to go!. SO welcome Favre, welcome to NYC.  And I know what you’re thinking and you are 100% correct: Yeah,  you guys better have beaten the F%$#@*&^ DOLPHINS!


 That is all, End Transmission!


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