Say it aint so VIC!



 The final season of “The Shied” commences tonight, the most intense show of the past few years is coming to an end. That’s what I love! I love to see a show like this go out on top instead of dragging things out for the sake of forever because it’s a cash cow.  It is shocking to see that there’s still some integrity left in “basic cable television” here you have a hit show which could probably go on for a  long time but the creators have decided that it’s going to go out like a champ. One thing is for sure though: With “Lem” dead, “Shane” the out of control Judas, and “Vic” being forced into early retirement,…..there is no way that this show has a happy ending!. AS long as they don’t pull a “Sopranos” type cop out to end it, it is all good!


 That is all, ENd transmission!


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