New Metallica

So The Day That Never Comes video is on AOL in full.  Check it out, I think it’s great.  Not as great as One (which may be the best video ever), but it’s really good.  I think this is another good sign as to the standard of the new album.

Some people have been raving about My Apocalypse.  I think it’s good, but I’d also say it’s similar to the stuff on St Anger.  Now, as an album I never felt St Anger was a masterpiece, but I think there are some songs on there like Dirty Window and Frantic which were good.  I wonder how many people raving about My Apocalypse are ignoring the fact it wouldn’t have been out of place on St Anger???!!!!

Anyway, go check out the new video.  I can’t be doing with the ten second samples of all the new songs which are on line, how are you meant to work out if the album is any good from those?  I’m taking the three new songs that have been heard (including the track they’ve been playing live) and this video and I think that evidence points to a strong album.

Oh and my mate Scott who writes for The Sun news paper in England has heard the whole album and hasn’t stopped emailing me about how great it is since, and he knows what he’s talking about!



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