from the ride to the e.r. dept.

Two things to report:

1. Nachos and cheese. If Jesus comes back as a snack food, that’s it.

2. My brother just bought a motorcycle. A Kawaninjacrotchrocketuki something or other. I’m afraid for his life at this point. He isn’t the most cautious driver in the world. Case in point – he backed straight into my car a while ago. From 4 feet out, he managed to get enough speed to destroy my bumper and grill. Like I said, not cautious. I’m thinking this will be a double whammy for him, since now he can ruin his new ride AND leave some brain on the asphalt. Yes he did buy a helmet, but you’ve still got an engine going very fast, two wheels, and your body. That’s it. No nice doors like those fancy cars seem to have. No roof. You have probably seen a motorcycle before; I don’t think I need to describe the differences.

So expect me to miss some work time soon, I’ll be at a funeral. I suppose I should go get my suit dry cleaned. And if anyone is a florist, can I get a discount pre-ordering a wreath before the services?

the future brotherless mike jones


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