rancid kicks off 5 sold out nights in nyc

with special guests SICK OF IT ALL
August 13, 2008 @ Irving Plaza, NYC

Undeniably a perfect night!!! I mean with a pairing like this how could you go wrong?! New York Hardcore legends SICK OF IT ALL opened with a high energy set that brought me back to my days at WSOU (in my past incarnation as “Opie”) when SOIA was a staple band that we just couldn’t play enough of (and genuinely nice guys as well.)

SOIA delivered (as always) and even the most passive listener couldn’t help but enjoy some of their most known tunes, such as “Stepdown,” “Scratch the Surface,” and “Us vs. Them.” Kudos to those guys for staying true after so many years.

And then came RANCID

Last time I saw these guys was Lollapalooza 1996 on Randall’s Island, with Soundgarden (who broke up shortly after,) the Ramones (who started dying off shortly after,) and Metallica (who had just cut their hair and un-LOADed their new “easy listening” sound on us.)

Fast forward 12 years and here we go: RANCID burst onto the stage and dove right in with “Radio” off of their addictive 1994 release “Let’s Go.”

They would do other tracks from that album, such as “Nihilism,” “Gunshot,” and “Black & Blue.” And I was reminded of the great advantage of seeing a punk band… you get TONS of songs, since most are under 2 mins long! 😉

They would go on to play a bunch of tracks off of their most successful album, 1995’s punk/ska fushion style “…And Out Come the Wolves.”

“Roots Radicals,” “Lock, Step & Gone,” “Listed M.I.A.,” an extremely nostalgic version of “Olympia, WA.,” “Journey to the End of the East Bay,” “The Wars End” and “Maxwell Murder” were all included.

Oh and there were so many other great tracks that they rapid fire shot out for us!! They finally closed with their hit “Ruby Soho” and their encore track was of course, “Time Bomb.”

Anyone going to the remaining 4 SOLD OUT shows is in for a great time. I had to buy tixx for this particular show because it was the only one with Sick of it All as the opener, and I just couldn’t resist!! I can’t remember the last time I had this much pure fun at a show. It reminded me of the small club days, even though the place was packed.

There is something quite pure and genuine about these bands that shines through. Some of these bands today that slap on eyeliner and whine into a mic could really learn a thing or two about authenticity from these greats.

Thanks for coming back for us RANCID!!! WE MISSED YOU!!


“…First thing you learn
you gotta make it in this world alone…”


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