All points west?. Sleeper hit!

So last weekend’s all points west festival at Liberty state park from what i hear varied wildly from day to day. I went Friday after my show and while the new Pornographers were cool, Underworld was really good although they couldn’t really maximize their light show (which is a big part of that sort of band’s appeal) as they went on at 6:30 pretty much in broad daylight. Radiohead were of course radiohead, I dont know if it’s that ive seen them at least five times or that they just didn’t do much more than make me yawn Friday night. However the higlight I have to say was Girl talk. Girl Talk, a one man “band” of sorts who basically just dj’s and runns stuff off of computers but will mash up anything from Jay Z rapping over radiohead “paranoid Android”, to mashing up Nine inch nails, Kelly Clarkson and Blur!. Sounds less than cutting edge to some Im sure but it’s honestly just FUN….anyone remember FUn in music?. Anyway check this out, it’s an example of Girl talk taking a song that  is easy to recognize and working his magic to the point where it is another song entirely.


 That is al, End TRansmission!



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