MATCH 3: Enter Sandman vs. Sweet Child O’ Mine

Contestant Number 4 come on down…

Big Matchup…

Guns N’ Roses just called Metallica a bunch of Nancy boys for cutting off their hair… It’s on!

Here is a matchup that you could only dream of happening and now its right in front of your face.

Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine
This is tough. I mean, Slash is just a genius with the guitar riffs in this song. From start to finish I feel like I’m floating on Slashes notes. The only person that could have possibly made this song any better is the guy from Space Hog. I heard he passed when they asked him to co-write it… he said he had a better band to help write for or something like that.

As of now this has been the closest battle…
Guns N’ Roses looked like they had this on lockdown…


Metallica said screw your long hair and dreadlocks… We are Metallica… SUCK IT!!!

Metallica – Enter Sandman wins it’s 3rd round and defended the belt twice by winning 55% of the votes…


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