MATCH 2: Enter Sandman vs. Seven Nation Army

Would the next contender come on down? Let’s try to keep the smackings to a minimum…

Metallica’s – Enter Sandman gets to defend the belt for the first time against none other then the White Stripes – Seven Nation Army.

Here’s a little background info on this tag team duo:

The White Stripes Consist of Jack White and Meg White, a classic combo of quickness and cat-like reflexes. Jack has the potential to finish an opponent with his lightning quick combo’s, just ask the lead singer from the Von Bondies, who was supposedly tossed on the ground and punched in the right eye 7 times in under 2 seconds… Impressive. Meg is quiet but extremely sneaky. If you throw her an inch she’ll dodge it and scratch you in the face 5 times.

All that aside, Metallica’s Enter Sandman gave them one swift kick to the back of the head and it was done.

Metallica successfully defends the title… for now.


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