MATCH 1: Enter Sandman vs. Fight For Your Right

Before we start this, I would like to say Enter Sandman is going to win this whole thing… And no I’m not a front runner, I’m just sick of getting destroyed in the rankings. My March Bracket Brawl was ruined by taking Tom Petty to get all the way into the final four. That worked out really swell…

So let’s start this off…

Metallica – Enter Sandman vs. Beastie Boys – Fight for Your Right

When you are the first pick in anything that has 39 rounds, odds are you aren’t winning the whole thing, but its Metallica… HELLO!!! This is probably the strongest competitor in this here Summer Slam: Battle for the ultimate K-ROCK Anthem. Enter Sandman screams fist pumping. Just think of the last Metallica show you went to, during this song you probably got cracked in the back of the head from at least 3 different fist pumpers. My head still hurts.

So we move on to the 2nd spin. Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right. This could be one of the top party anthems of the century. How many of you remember popping your License To Ill cassette into your car, sitting there fast forwarding to track 7, then blasting your radio all the way to 11… BAM… You knew it was gonna be a good night…

So let’s put these two bad boys head to head.
Party Anthem vs. Fist Pump Anthem

According to you, you prefer a punch to the back of the head over a party… Either that or your way of parting is really aggressive.

Anywhow… Metallica – Enter Sandman gave Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right a fist pump right out the door.


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