from the sellout dept.

I figured out last night why people buy everything online now, at least music. A trip to the record store has jilted me. I stopped at my local go-to music store (not a huge electronics retailer, but a real record store) and I found The Pixies’ album Trompe le Monde. Haven’t listened to it, 10 bucks, what the hell. When I took it to the counter to be rung up, I felt it. The record shop worker snub. By two people.

There was the guy who had huge mutton chops, tight emo shirt / jeans, and was wearing sunglasses. Inside. While working. And by working, I mean on his cell phone, then looked at me, and then walked away. Thanks for the help fella! Then the girl with the bright pink hair, 2 lip piercings, and a problem opening her mouth to speak to me, the customer. The one who wants to buy things to put money into the store’s bank account, and that would put money into her paycheck! Funny how that whole economics thing works. But she finally bothered to ask me how I would be paying, after ringing the CD up, looking at it and pfffft’ing disapproval. I’m so sorry you aren’t happy with my musical selection, but please. Don’t pffft my CD choice, don’t walk away when I come to the register, and learn some customer service in general.

I wish I was cool enough to listen to whatever weirdo crap you had put on in the background to make my shopping experience miserable, but no, I’ll stick to my mainstream Top 40 Pixies. Thanks for making me feel welcome in your run down pit of a store. By the way, how are those dreams of being a musician going?


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