Mayhem Fest……

Just wanted to let you know I was in Houston at the weekend to check out the Mayhem Fest and it was great.  Sometimes these kind of events have some teething problems in their first year but everything at this show was first class, even in 110 degree Texan heat!

If you’re heading to the gig next week at Nassau Coliseum you will have a lot of fun.  There are three stages so there’s a lot to see, but my favourites were Airbourne, 36 Crazyfists, Disturbed and of course Machine Head and Slipknot.

Slipknot are really on fire right now.  I heard their new album last week.  It’s less experimental than their last (Volume 3) and more of an old school thrash album overall, although there are some softer elements that wouldn’t be out of place on a Stone Sour album.  It’s good, very solid. 

Slipknot’s set at Mayhem fest only featured the new single Psychosocial from All Hope Is Gone as the album isn’t out for a few more weeks.  But the show they put on was phenomenal.  Tons of energy, a revolving drum kit, Sid the DJ in a wheelchair (due to a previous on stage accident) but still clinging on to the clown’s rising platform at one point so he was suspended in mid air. 

The new Sliknot album has probably the best musicianship they’ve committed to disc.  Amazing guitar and drum work.  And lyrics that suggest those who think the band are just a novelty act in masks have got it very wrong.


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