I cannot get enough of Gordon Ramsey yelling at people!

“Hell’s Kitchen”  is ok but he really goes berserk on his other show “Kitchen Nightmares’ and it’s just fantastic. Gordon Ramsey who is supposedly a rock star, a god in culinary circles, Ill admit i had never heard of the guy before he popped up on Hell’s Kitchen.  As someone commented on line he’s essentially known now as a “professional Douche” where he just berates and belittles people on TV and I do not know why but I love every minute of it. How does he get away with that?  I think it’s only because he’s a brit, if Simon Cowell were an American people would just punch him for the things he says, no one would find him charming or amusing, same with Gordon Ramsey! and I have to admit every time he goes into a restaurant that is failing, orders a meal, eats it, hates it, and then berates the chef, and the entire staff, I just love every second of it. There have been episodes where I really thought he was going to get dinged upside the head with a spatula or a soup ladle or something because he was just such a bastard to the chef he had come to help. Of course within one hour he’s taken an eatery on the brink of financial ruin, transformed it with a new menu, and his design team that has come in and done six months worth of renovations overnight,  and another restaurant is saved. I cant believe how entertained I am watching a foreign  blowhard chef scream at a bunch of clueless cooks!. “Kitchen Nightmares”, on fox, I DVR it every week, maybe I’m just sick but I love to watch the abuse!




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