Those Crazy Aussies

We Australian’s always get frustrated when you Americans think that we have Kangaroos hoping around in our backyards and Koalas as pets.

But I’ve got to admit this was a strange one. (copy and paste link)


And I agree with the comments, how the hell did the Koala get CHLAMYDIA!!!??

I’ve heard rumours about New Zealanders and sheep. But not about Aussies and Koalas!!

Koalas actually get high off the Eucalyptus leaves. Google it!!


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  1. July 22, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    Koalas are infested with venereal disease, that’s the first thing they teach us about them in school : this is a koala, it has a venereal disease. You just had to throw NZ and sheep in there, huh.

    I reckon all that eucalyptus saved his life, instead of panicking after being hit, he’d be all like ‘woooah, what a ride man’ and was probably quite put out that they stopped the car. Ha!

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