Led Zeppelin Rollercoaster

So after talking about it on-air so much I had to go and see what it was really like.

The coaster is located in the new Hard Rock Theme Park at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Firstly I went with a mate on a Tuesday, so the lines were bearable. We were on within 5 minutes.

After being directed by the pimply faced teenagers with the southern accents where to stand, we walked into a holding room. The lights dimmed on a montage of Led Zeppelin music clips and interviews played on a big screen. I think this was a bit over the top. It went for about 5 minutes. Everyone just wanted to get on.

The first time riding it the video was interesting… but the second and third time seeing the same thing played over and over again got annoying.

So you get strapped in and the ride takes you 150 feet high then drops you almost vertical along to the tune of WHOLE LOTTA LOVE. Then after about 6-7 loops and turns you arrive back into the Zeppelin ‘airship’.

The line was short so we went around and on again.

It also takes your picture and video which you can buy them as you come off. $15 for one photograph? I don’t think so.

Other rides there are a smaller coaster which is titled the Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane. Apparantly the band re-recorded the track just for the ride. I couldn’t tell the difference.

And then ‘Slippery When Wet’ suspended coaster.

After lining up for an hour and enduring listening to southerners singing bad karaoke (yes they have karaoke to keep the crowd settled while you wait), the ride was shut down due to “technical difficulties”. So I missed out on that one.

But all was well I got dragged up to sing ‘Down Under’ by Aussie band Men At Work.

So all in all a good time was had by all. If you like the music on KROCK and you like paying for the overpriced food and drinks then you will be in HEAVEN!!!!


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