From the look what I did all by myself dept.

Yesterday my girlfriend asked me for a small favor. You know that means something big that is way over your head. She needed a wireless network set up in her new apartment AND connect the TiVo to the network because she didn’t get a land-line phone. You would think in this age of plug-and-play accessories for computers I wouldn’t have a problem. HA! You thought wrong sucka…

Installing the wireless stuff was a 5 out of 10 pain in the butt. I had to reinstall the CD 2 times because some setting/proxy/address kept getting screwed up. It finally worked for some reason and now, due to a ghost helping me out and reprogramming something that I didn’t catch the first 2 times, there is now a one bedroom apartment smothered and covered in wireless glory. Even though she doesn’t have a laptop or any other wireless device. Now, onward to the TiVo.

If you’ve moved and changed cable systems and want to get your TiVo working again, good luck. You will have an easier type deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics. You will have fun with coding. Networking. Administrative unlock. IR cables. RCA cables. S/PDIF. I was expecting to have Johnny 5 emerge out of the pile of electronics needed to plug in this one box. From start to checking their website to restart to cursing to waiting for the network configuration: 2 hours. For, essentially, a VCR. But I did it. When I left, complete. And I really didn’t mind spending the time either. The woman is happy. Now she can watch all the recorded TV she wants and not bother me when I have stuff to do. Like reading “Simple Home Electronics For Stupid People.”


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