“The power of G & R”—- Old Skool banger!

 You know it might be worth getting sued if you’re going to sample stuff like this, I mean this is in the sample hall of fame!. So back in the day when I was a broke ass, scruffy, dj living at home with mom and dad, while trying to earn enough to get out on my own, I did what most other broke ass radio dj’s do, I spun in clubs!. Don’t laugh but I was actually really good on the one and twos and could rock a dance floor beat mixing “play that funky music” into “Smells like teen spirit” and would shake the fricken dance floor. Talk about bands de OBSCURA, there was this techno-ish band called Eskimos in Egypt and they had a song called ” the power of G & R” which remixed became ” G & R (that’s what you want)” The lyrics are pretty anti Axl because at the time Axl had said somethings that were pretty far from PC. Anyway this thing was pulled off the shelves almost immediately as Axl’s legion of attorneys swarmed down upon the band for the obvious problematic sample and im sure the lyrics didn’t help either!@. Anyway I used to have this ON vinyl and spun it almost every time i would spin, again it was so rare that i went to England and marched into the offices of their record company and said ” IM an American Dj and I must have a copy of this blah blah” and I got it, brought it halfway around the world and spread the Eskimo love for a few years. Then I moved and it disappeared, I have literally been looking for this song on web sites etc for YEARS, unreal I find it on YOUTUUBE..WHO KNEW?!!!!!!! This combines two of my fovorite things: RAAAAAAWK! and Beats!. Again, this sample is just the Bizomb!


 Check it out, it’s still pretty dope if you like stuff with a beat!






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  1. July 14, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    I suddenly feel so, so old. Thanks for that mate, cheers.

    Serious question though: is there anyone that Axl hasn’t upset? Guess that’s why his initials are WAR.

    I reckon they kick Schwenker off his Friday night 8pm slot (no offense S) and get you in there, spinning your beats! Hell I’d tune in every damn time… except later would be better as I’m 3 hours behind you on the West Coast.

    Play that Funky Music Nik Carter!

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