Cover Bands + Boats = Awesome

First off, I suck at blogging, so forgive me.

Second, I had to write about seeing a Tool Tribute Band “Schism”, not only did they sounds just like Tool (complete with the lead singer using a bull horn) but they also played Tool Videos behind them on a giant screen. It was a three hour show, which I thought was going to be too long to see a tribute band, then “Schism” took a break and “Battle of Los Angeles” (a Rage Against the Machine cover band) came out and nailed “Bulls on Parade”, “A Bullet in Your Head”, and “Freedom”.  Then “Schism” came back out and closed out the show with some awesome covers of “The Pot” and “Aenima”.

Did I mention this was all on a boat? If you think it sucks trying to get a beer and get back to your seat then you’ve never tried to get a beer and get back to the show while a boat is randomly moving because of waves, not that fun. The next “Schism” show on the boat is August 14th, check out the full details at http://www.rocksoff.com just make sure you get there on time or else the boat will leave your sorry ass behind.


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  1. July 10, 2008 at 8:32 pm

    Pffft, that wasn’t a suckful blog, I think you did exceptionally well. *claps*

    Was it like a liner (big ship type thing) or a floating barge? It’d have to be pretty damn big to hold a concert, right? I have severe boat phobia so it’s not my scene but I can imagine it would be a hell of a party, and a fantastic disguise to get trollied – you can blame the staggering on the boat rolling and then when you’re chucking all over the deck you can blame seasickness. Rock on. 😀

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