Fricken GHOULS!

With a documentary, feature film. and two greatest hits packages out in the last six weeks, June and July are shaping up to be the months of Joy Division. Even Alkaline Trio’s new album includes a tribute to Joy Division in the track, “Help Me.” Unfortunately, according to a report from the BBC,, the tombstone over the grave of Joy Division front man Ian Curtis was stolen earlier this week. WHO steals a tombstone?…I mean talk about sacrilege!,  and WHO could you even show it to?. Detectives said the stone, which has the inscription “Ian Curtis 18 – 5 – 80” and the words “Love Will Tear Us Apart” was taken sometime between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Curtis was just 23 when he hanged himself in the kitchen of his Macclesfield home in May 1980, shortly before the band were due to go on tour in the US. Curtis was suffering from depression and epilepsy when he killed himself. Fans from all over the world would travel to the site to pay their respects, often leaving messages and tokens behind. I mean look at this thing! What did they bring a little tiny bulldozer into the cemetery to extricate this little token?….so weird, SO WEIRD





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