Jay Z. Vs. Noel G.

The Glastonbury festival was just held overseas in the UK, it’s one of the biggest music festivals in the world and it’s held every year. This year the organizers booked Jay Z  as one of the headliners which touched off a small controversy when Noel Gallagher of Oasis launched a very public campaign AGAINST  the festival when  J-Hova was announced as one of the Glastonbury headliners, Gallagher criticized the booking due to the festival’s tradition of guitar-based Rock bands and his feeling that Jay Z (for this reason) clearly did not fit the festival. Needless to say as you can tell from the roar of applause,  the crowd knew that music is music and a hit is a hit. Being a fan of both Oasis and Jay Z I had to take sides on this one and I sided with J-Hova, and I wanted to show you how he began his set at Glastonbury, I live for this kind of s#%t!. The opening is an obvious F you to Noel G but when he tears into “99 problems” and breaks it down with ACDC’s “Back in Black”  too?……….You gotta love jay Z. ENJOY!

That is all, END transmission!


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