Last Letter Game!

So the powers that be have decided that less thinking on Nik’s part would be best for all concerned…….Hey, I think that is a thinly veiled put down!……….Anyway the last letter game jumps off weekdays at noon. I play a song. and then you get to choose the next song but it’s title has to start with the last letter of the song I played……..Dig it: Say I play “Sweet Child O’ Mine” then your song has to start with the last letter of my song, which would be “E”. SO  let’s say you pick “Everlong” and then the next miscreant must pick a song that starts with “G”…see the pattern?…..ya pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?. Now, I do reserve the right to call “Wild card” in case some jackass picks a song that ends in “X” or “Z”, NOPE THAT AINT HAPPENIN’!. If the show is to be ruined I will be the one to ruin it thank you!. SO, I call “Wild card” and play something else and we start all over again,…….capice?……………….EGG-CELLENT!.  So check out the last letter game link off of my page and practice, or just rip off the cheat sheet YA LAZY GOAT!.

 Got it?,.See ya at noon BYTCHEZ!!!

 That is all, End transmission!. 


1 Response to “Last Letter Game!”

  1. 1 Crystal
    June 27, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    I’ll be calling next week, you can count on it! (& I ain’t quittin’ ’til u play my “Y” song…. DAMN IT!)

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