Yes, i do indeed <3 vinyl.

a little while ago, i was talking about how much i wanted to buy the vinyl edition of NIN’s new albumd, “the slip”. i’m a bit of a collector, and in my personal opinion, vinyl sounds better to me.

i stumbled across this article at cnet.com, about how vinyl records are actually MADE.


so, we’ve now managed to combine 2 of my obsessions. music and that damn show “How It’s Made” on the science and discovery channels.

that show has me so addicted its not even funny. it’s like stewie with his hynosis glasses when it comes on. they’re talking about stuff i have no interest in whatsoever, or dont even understand what it does in real life, but i can NOT look away!

it’s also helpful that my dad has about 37 1/2 hours of that stuff dvr’ed, so when the fiance and i visit, i dont converse anymore. i just sit there with this dumb look on my face, eyes glazed over and drooling slightly….and since i look like that normally, you cant tell im not paying attention to the conversation.

im sneaky like that.



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