The Beastie boy and the Notorious H.2.O

So I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE Beastie Boys fan as everyone intelligent must be!> Adam Yauch  (street Alias “M.C.A”) came up to shoot the S#%t about his new movie that he  he directed “Gunnin for that number one spot” which is truly, TRULY dope. It’s about the elite 8 high school basketball players in the country who square off in the legendary Rucker park uptown. So apparently he got a little confused and thought we were not live on the air and dropped the “S” bomb which I caught ( I mean it’s a BS job but I would like to keep it!).

So, ok………… Moving on. His production company that released his film “gunnin for that number one spot” is also releasing another film  called “Flow”. This is a documentary about water, the earth, te privatization of water and how the third world is being raped for it’s water by corporate interests etc. Which I am completely in agreement with, I mean it’s WATER! You cant charge an indigenous people who don’t have two cents to rub together for a natural resource like WATER!. The problem is that one of his really big issues that is chapping his arse is bottled water, any sort, any size, large, small, domestic, imported, just water in bottles!.  His theory being that water is being hoarded by the same corporate interests, and that tap water is fine and we all should just use a filter on it because the plastic bottles are hurting people. hurting the environment, destroying the earth, and are a generally evil ms use of our resources. He kept saying that ” this has to change, we have to change”………. Now, this would not have been so bad if we had not placed THREE FULL BOTTLES OF POLAND SPRING H20 right in front of him when he sat down for his interview!. Now, we do this with anyone who comes in as a courtesy, i mean they come to Krock the least we can do is make sure they’re not parched when they talk to us. Although he was very nice about it, and polite, not only did he not take a drink from any of them,I think he left the station thinking that 92.3 Krock is a huge part of the problem plaguing this world!. Meanwhile Im hiding my huge 33 ounce bottle of “smart water” ( Im sure that’s a total crock, it’s probably just tap water  from some unknown source, maybe Nebraska!). So here we are  giving  Mr. Anti Bottled water activist not just one, but THREE bottles of the demon brew……. And I just thought; ” My god this is so frigging Krock”….. We are such idiots,……. We would show a film to a blind man, or offer a blood sausage to a VEGAN as a snack……LOL. I sheepishly offered the excuse;  ” but if we recycle the bottles that’s ok though isn’t it?”. Apparently that is not good enough either!.

Bottom line, like the song says MCA is “cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce”, I guess I just wont be the fourth Beastie Boy after all.  So check out the interview on my page as he is certainly a deep dude. Also if you can, get out and see “Gunnin for that number one spot”…. just fill up with  TAP WATER at home before you go!.



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  1. 1 Crystal
    July 1, 2008 at 9:54 pm

    Uh, you know you spelled OUNCE wrong when referring to SMART WATER! Atta boy!

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