OOOOH! That looks cool! Ima gonna do that too!

so i know that youtube, in it’s very worst, is a vast open wasteland of copycats.  why do you say THAT schwenker?  2 words.

chocolate rain.

anywho, im VERY glad we have that aspect of youtube for this very instance.  do you know the wii hula girl?  the person who was supposedly taped on the sly by her boyfriend, doing some gyrations to wii hula hoop, and looking good while doing it?

well if you dont know what i’m talking about, here’s a refresher course:

ok.  and now for the copycats:

that would be playboy cyber girl of the year Jo Garcia.

obviously, this is the beauty of youtube.  but i would like to say, on the RECORD, that if i happen to see nik carter in boy shorts, doing some goofy yoga type crap to the wii,  we’ll be able to see what happens when someone lights a macbook on fire.


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  1. June 25, 2008 at 6:38 am

    Awww babe, you gotta… you gotta get out more…. and…. and date. Please.

    *just playing, don’t hate me* 😉

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