Never EVER doubt Rivers Cuomo.

He’s like The Force.  He can go away for awhile, but he’ll always come back, and not necessarily how you think he would.

Like in the current incarnation of Weezer.  He’s got a porn-stache.

ALSO, he had some new material for a song, and he wanted some fan input.  So, he went ahead and posted pieces of the music on YouTube (my second youtube reference in as many days….must be a record or something) and had fans comment on what they had heard so far.  So he tweaked and responded, the fans listened and let him know what they thought some more.  Further tweaking and tinkering commenced, and in the end, came up with a damn good song.

It’s a little ditty going by the name “Turnin’ Up The Radio” and its pretty catchy.  Exactly what you’d expect from latter day Rivers.  Lotsa references to pop culture and how it’s all bunk in the end.

Oh, wait?  You wanna hear it?  Good thing the vid is just below this line of text.  Enjoy!

Ya know, if I tried to come up with a song, with listener interaction, I get the feeling it would sound like 2 angry, underfed felines having very angry sex.  I mean, if thats what you’re into.


Wait, I need a Nik Carter comment….ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

It would sound like Nik Carter singing?  WHAMMO!


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