Yikes, glad I aint a METS fan!

I’m not anti met by any stretch but I grew up in a place where there was not an NL team and so the only time you saw the NL players (except on TV) play was either the all star game ( yeah that was a tv experience too)  or the world series!. Since I grew up in Boston you understand why I rarely saw the NL guys in my town!. So maybe that is why Im pretty much strictly an AL team kinda guy, but i understand the plight of the Met fan!. As a rule in life I tend to root for the underdog and reality is if you’re a New Yorker the Mets are the underdog in that the Yankees get all the glory, most of the press, and most of the TV exposure. But given recent events I am honestly shocked that we haven’t seen Mr. Met’s exaggerated head explode!. Now, whether you like Willie Randolph or not you’ve got to kinda feel for the guy, the way he was handled……The constant death watch. People all over wondering if this was going to be the week, the month, the day, that Willie got the bum’s rush?. However when it finally did come, well……………….. I offer this quote from Willie as he told his story in the paper: “I cleaned out my office at Shea Stadium yesterday afternoon. My name was already off the door”…………………. That’s cold, period. Having said that I really feel for the fans, I mean when the front office mentions the fans and fertilizer in any sort of combination in a sentence?……………I think it’s safe to say that a whole new batch of Yankee fans have been created from that one gaffe alone. The back peddling explanation was priceless too, it reminded me of president Clinton back in the day asking what his inquisitor’s definition of ” Is”, IS. You know I was going to post a pic of MR. Met’s smiling face but, that’s the problem; Every pic of him I found he has a big smile on his face!

Dark days at Shea my friend, dark days.

That is all, End Transmission!


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