“Control” one more for your netflix queue!

Maybe you know the story, the broad strokes about the late 70’s post punk band Joy Division and how their lead singer Ian Curtis almost laid the blueprint for what would become of Kurt Cobain nearly 20 years later. Manchester’s unsmilingly dark and haunting Joy Division were poised to go to America where super-stardom was almost a forgone conclusion!. Hours before what was to be their maiden voyage here, Ian Curtis hanged himself and the legend was born!. The remaining members of Joy Division reformed as New Order and the song “Blue Monday” is about Curtis.  Joy Division and specifically Ian Curtis are revered as dark sacred cows to any “goth” fans over 30, or anyone who embraces the Mope rock thing. I knew a girl in college who had a shrine to the guy in her apartment including a ten foot tall poster of him and an alter!. Not really a “goth” band in terms of their look and affect but they are definitely part of the foundation of that genre. Ian Curtis died in May of 1980 and until now the story had yet to be told on film, so many misconceptions had been floating around ever since his suicide. His widow Debbie wrote a book about him which has been turned into a movie just out on DVD. “Control” might not be for everyone, Im a rock bio freak myself, and I kinda like the artsy stuff too. this is in black and white and is probably best left to those with an interest in the band beyond the song “Love will tear us apart”, if you’re into them, it’s really pretty tremendous!.


 That is all, End transmission!


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