Finally  a wine good enough for the champagne room ( the playaz know what i’m talkin bout!). The world’s greatest hype man ( which basically means he doesn’t rap per se, he just sort of accents the track of someone else by yelling his catch phrase, usually ” YEAH”,..or “WHAT”?!) Lil Jon, who in 2004 expanded his crunk empire to beverages with Lil Jon’s crunk juice, an energy drink which tastes much like the urine of a yak (don’t ask!). Now he is taking his delicate palette into the vineyards as the world can now behold his latest concoction, a trio of WINES from “little Jonathan Winery”. When asked why the label says Little Jonathan winery and not Lil Jon winery, the answer was simple, retarded yet simple:


“Little Jonathan is more mature, classy. With little Jonathan you could say “oh, that’s Lil Jon wine!” or “that sounds like a nice wine”.   So wash ut your pimp cup and do the classy thing and drink some Little Jonathan wine. Then again, would you be comfortable purchasing a wine from this man?…..actually strike that, Maynard from Tool makes his own wines too, on second thought pass the Little Jonathan vino.




 That is all, End transmission!




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