Proof that God loves Sci Fi.

so i think that my love of the nerdage and geekdom is fairly well documented. also, i think my devotion to the tv show battlestar galatica is commonly held knowledge.

i love that show. it’s smart and funny, and it’s about space and robots….and as i’ve often said, whatEVER time frame this show takes place in, humans and robot women alike, are hot as SNOT. bless the show creator’s tylium-plated hearts, but obviously they were nerds in high school *cough* and are making up for it now.

so, how is that proof that God loves sci-fi?


thats starbuck/katee sackoff. she’s the buff one who looks like she wants to beat the piss out of you…and you’d enjoy every second of it.

Boomer/Number 8/Grace Park.

in the show, there are millions of her. yup, might as well throw the brain straight in the gutter.

Number 6/Tricia Helfer

she’s a total cylon, there’s been versions of her that have killed over versions of her, she’s been shacking up with humans and robots alike, and she has been half and 3/4’s naked more times than any other woman i’ve ever seen in the history of television.

you have my admiration, miss.

so there you have it! definitive proof that God loves Sci Fi…..

just try and imagine how the women from sex and the city would look in those outfits.


enough of thinking about bags of bones! lets end this blog on a high note.

Thank God for you Interview Magazine!


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